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Quarterly Screen Sales Statistics

Quarterly Screen Sales Statistics

We’ve crunched sales figures from Q4 2019 and put together a breakdown. We hope you find the results interesting!

The data

Rather unsurprisingly our highest selling line is VALUE which equates to almost half our total volume of LCD sales. This is also our lowest priced line. The trend continues through SELECT to PRIME and finally REFRESH, which is our most expensive grade of screen. Our return rate is as low as 0.8% for our PRIME products and rising to an acceptable 2.8% for VALUE.

Some observations

The general public and thus repair shops are still very-price conscious and this is shown by the buoyant sales of our VALUE product. Despite a slightly higher return rate it is still the go-to screen for the majority of our customers. We’re proud of our VALUE product and the cost vs quality, but it’s clear to see that most repair businesses are ultimately still influenced by the price of the product.

It does raise the question of hidden costs. With our SELECT product over twice as reliable as VALUE, is there an argument that in the long run this will increase the bottom line of businesses? Especially when you consider the additional costs and potential lost business related to a return

There is further evidence of the price sensitivity of the market by the relative low sales of our REFRESH line. Competition among repair companies is undoubtably at an all-time high and as a result repair prices are being pushed lower and lower. This leaves less room for repair companies to purchase more expensive components.

In addition, the quality and stability of aftermarket components has taken a marked jump forward over the last 12-18 months whilst still maintaining a significantly lower price point. This has led many repair companies that were previously exclusively original refurbished buyers to start using aftermarket parts.

Predictions for the coming months

Given the improved quality, additional features that reduce the fitting time and the reduction in cost we are expecting our SELECT and PRIME lines to take up a larger portion of sales in the coming months.

As we move forward an increasing proportion of sales are X series models (and soon the 11 series models). REFRESH screens for these models are much more costly than their aftermarket counterparts. We suspect that this, combined with the other factors mentioned above, will mean a further reduction in sales for REFRESH components.

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