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The Impact Of The Coronavirus - Update #2

The Impact Of The Coronavirus - Update #2

*UPDATED 25/02/20 - 15:07 - Market open date changed*

A couple of weeks have passed since our first post regarding the impact of the Coronavirus in Asia and we now have a clearer picture of the situation. 

Our partners in China are indicating that production has re-started, however this is on a small scale and stock is very limited at this time. The main bottleneck is now access to raw materials.

Many of these raw materials and lots of miscellaneous components are sourced from the markets which are still closed. The primary market is now expected to re-open on April 8th, but there is a possibility this could be delayed further if it is deemed unsafe by the local authorities.

How will this situation affect you:

Packaging - For a little while some of our parts will not be shipped in our normal Mobio packaging. Unfortunately, our team do not have access to some supplies due to limitations being place on office entry in Shenzhen.

Stock Availability - Some lines will be out of stock during this time. The team are working tirelessly to keep this to an absolute minimum, but we do feel it is best to be transparent about this so that our clients can be prepared.

Prices - Prices are likely to change over the next few weeks. We are now very confident limitations on materials and workforce in China will cause our cost prices to rise significantly going forward. Where possible we will absorb these costs in order to limit impact for our clients. Prices will only rise for our customers in line with cost price increases. 

If you have any questions about specific product availability or anything else, please get in touch with the team. 

Thank you for your continued support. Good luck with your repairs today!  

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