Who are we?

Mobio Distribution was created with a desire to provide the smartphone repair industry with a professional and reliable outlet for replacement parts.

Never before has it been more important to extend the life of our electronics, in particular our smartphones. A critical part of achieving this is a reliable supply chain of replacement parts.

Despite this, the replacement parts industry has remained undeveloped with reliable and trustworthy partners being few and far between.

We aim to simplify the parts buying experience by offering a comprehensive solution that focuses on quality components, an unrivalled service, and a dependable after-sales experience that is backed by our lifetime warranty. We pride ourselves on transparency and have an unmatched level of product knowledge that we are happy to share with our customers.

What makes our products different?

When it comes to products, what sets us apart from most wholesalers is our focus on quality. We make it a rule to not stock anything in our warehouse that we would not be happy fitting to our own device.

This ensures that even our most affordable solutions will work as expected and, most importantly, leave your customer happy with their repair.

For our popular products such as our iPhone screens and batteries we offer multiple lines, which ensures we always have a product that will work for your business.

Instead of linking each one to a specific product, we keep our lines constantly evolving as new technology comes to market. This takes the headache of keeping up to date with new tech away from you and ensures that you are getting the best product for your price point.